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Dear Wake Forest,

Through this letter we would like to thank for this special week-end we have lived together.

Saturday we went to Vicenza to see your team playing against Italy: our athletes were very shy when the Team come up from the bus, saying hello to the fans. 

The match against our national team was funny and we appreciated the attitude during the warm up and after when Elisa( an amazing Elisa!), made the first score …. we started to incite her “Oh Elisa gira la polenta”….we hope you enjoyed too.  

NoLimitsDay (26 of 209)We had great time during the match and we didn’t stop to incite every Wake Forest players, not only Elisa Penna, until the end of the match, because you played so good and with the heart.


Our little fan went down on the field to have a special photo (the first of ….hundreds!) with all the team and Elisa…..we have seen too much Joy in their eyes!NoLimitsDay (52 of 209)

And then, it come the big events “NO LIMITS DAY”…..what an amazing moment for all of us!!!

When Wake Forest come in our court (Palanozza), we all felt a sensNoLimitsDay (93 of 209)ation of energy, enthusiasm and positive vibes ! We saw Elisa speaking in a very emotional framework:  we know how special is this place  for her, being here with her team among her friends, sisters and family.

NoLimitsDay (156 of 209)Our players watched and learnt every exercise your amazing staff showed in those two hours. Our players have followed any suggestions come from your staff  and the team. This has been one the best training they made in these years….and we think that they would continue to train for hours thank to you.

At the end of the training we have lived another beautiful moment when we took the photos all together with the players and the staff of both team.

We appreciated so much thNoLimitsDay (207 of 209)e Wake Forest availability to prepare with our staff the dinner sharing more time all together. We have also seen your players taking many other photos, autographs, conversation with our athletes….as well as some funny 1 on 1 (Ehy Olivia, you are so strong!)

This letter is not only to thank you for this amazing moment, but for any others , as Sunday evening when we went out together in our city with the team: just a little bit of shiness at the beginning, but after all we had great time.

Our staff spent a beautiful time with your staff, talking about basketball, music, travel, tradition: Dane and Jermaine….we love you!IMG_20180821_015913_923

At the end of this letter we would like thank you for all the moments we have lived, for the love and passion we share for basketball. We wish you the best, for the season and your professional future.

Thank you Elisa, Ariel , Alex , Kaylen, Ivana, Tyra, Raegyn, Ona, Gina, Maya, Christina, Lindsey, McKenna, Ellen, Jennifer ( great coach!) , Jermaine, Melissa, Dane, Olivia, Chase, Jill, Scott, Barbara, Ruan, Dr. Guth.

We always will be your first fans!

PS: We hope that one day our patch we will meet again, maybe in the US in order to spend more time together!



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